Increases in the world population, development and prospects in social welfare and standard of living, rapid developments in industry and technology increase energy consumption and, as a result, energy demand. Today, with the advantages of modern technological facilities, the types of energy sources used/utilized have diversified considerably and some energy sources known since time immemorial (solar, wind, geothermal, hydraulic) have undergone an evolutionary revolution with new technologies and started to be used again and more comprehensively. Due to reasons such as rapid population growth, burning of fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, deforestation, increasing consumption tendency in societies due to the development in technology, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing day by day and the earth is warming more. The change that may occur in the climate creates problems that may have an effect on all existing living spaces on the earth at different frequencies.

At the point reached today, humanity has started to design a new economic model in which the understanding of economic development developed due to carbon emissions is unsustainable, and instead the current development-oriented activities will be carried out with the lowest possible carbon emissions. In particular, energy saving and the development of renewable energy technologies, the use of energy sources with low carbon intensity constitutes the basis of a low-carbon economy. From an economic point of view, sustainability means that resources are shared fairly and consumed as much as necessary. The Evadore Ecosystem is leading all these developments. The world we live in owes fossil fuels its enormous economic growth and development in its nearly 250-year history after the industrial revolution. In this process, all the energy needs of mankind for its economic activities have been provided by fossil-based and carbon-intensive carbon dioxide (CO2) emitting sources. Unfortunately, the bill of this great development and change process that took place in 250 years is returning today as climate change and global warming. The environmental and economic damages caused by the production of fossil fuels, which are among the existing energy sources, have led countries to new energy production sources The Evadore foundation will support and pioneer this whole process together with its ecosystem.

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