Climate Crisis

The average annual temperature in the world is increasing every time, which means that global warming is happening. As a result, climate imbalances occur, and climate change occurs. Eventually, all living things on Earth are facing a climate crisis.

The climate crisis is a natural phenomenon that has been going on since the world came into existence. Negative changes in climatic conditions bring with them serious dimensions such as drought, global rainfall, and problems such as increasing temperature by going out of seasonal norms. However, the impact of humanity on the world and climate and the threat it poses to the future have started to grow day by day. This threat has now turned into a global environmental crisis.

Carbon, a type of greenhouse gas, is a type of gas that absorbs and emits heat. Accordingly, carbon traps the world's heat and re-emits it in all directions. Thus, it accelerates global warming to a great extent and becomes the main cause of climate change. Ozone depletion and ecosystem damage are just a few of the effects of carbon emissions.

To minimize the devastating effects of climate change, the rise in average temperatures needs to be limited to a maximum of 2°C. In order to achieve this target, the CO2 ratio in the atmosphere should not exceed 450 ppm.

Global warming is not just about the increase in temperatures. Floods on Earth are exacerbating disasters such as hurricanes and forest fires. This, in turn, endangers our planet.

As the popularity of blockchain technology and mining increases day by day, the "Carbon Emissions" and, accordingly, the climate crisis increases significantly.

In order for the climate crisis to be preventable, we can start by changing our living standards and habits individually. In addition, to solve the climate crisis, which is the biggest problem that the whole world needs to address, and in order to prevent the problems that cause the climate crisis, the Evadore Foundation will contribute to the solution of the climate crisis with the institutions and organizations that address many problems and take steps for environmental health.

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