This article proposes a blockchain that will reduce carbon emissions to 0.


All personal and mass choices affect the global climate crisis at various rates. The biggest of these effects is due to the "carbon emissions" emitted into the environment.

Carbon Emissions

The release of carbon into nature as a result of various reasons is called carbon release. Although carbon dioxide is commonly referred to as carbon dioxide, many types of gases such as methane and nitrous oxide are also among the harmful gases emitted to nature. These types of gases are also considered within carbon emissions.

Carbon is the most fundamental building block of life on Earth. Carbon, which can bond with many elements in different lengths, is with us almost everywhere, from the air we breathe, the product we grow and the structure of our body.

Carbon emission, in its simplest form, means the release of carbon dioxide into the environment, which is caused by various reasons. Carbon dioxide is mostly released on earth as a result of human activities. Industrial production, energy production, livestock and agriculture cause the areas that cause the most carbon emissions.

Carbon traps the earth's heat and re-radiates it in all directions. This triggers global warming, which is one of the biggest damages in the world. Global warming also brings climate change.

Humans cause a large amount of carbon emission to the earth, from global warming to thinning of the ozone layer, from carbon emissions to various climate changes. That's why the Evadore Foundation aims to continue people's activities in a way that reduces carbon emissions.

The use of fossil fuels, climate change, the melting of glaciers, the irregularity of greenhouse gases and many other reasons cause the amount of carbon dioxide to increase. The oceans, on the other hand, create the density difference between air and water, greatly avoiding carbon dioxide. When the amount of carbon dioxide in the air increases, the oceans begin to attract more gas to maintain balance. Not only do the oceans store a significant portion of carbon dioxide, but also absorb almost all of the heat generated by the greenhouse effect caused by human resources.

However, as carbon dioxide increases, it traps more carbon dioxide in the oceans, which causes the seas to become increasingly acidic. In addition, because the oceans that trap warming air in have to trap much more heat than they can handle, sea level rises and causes great damage to the marine ecosystem.

When we disturb the balance of the world, the world tries to destroy it with the natural environment it offers and to cope with the damage done. The fact that humanity reduces the damage it causes to the world actually contributes to the continuation of the ecological system of the world in its own normal. Oceans, trees, sun, wind, all of these continue to benefit every second in order to protect the health of nature. Evadore, on the other hand, helps the ecosystem to minimize the damage to the world with its carbon-free renewable energy system.

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