A large part of the energy used in blockchain technology and mining is met from fossil fuels, and accordingly, the climate crisis is exacerbated. Blockchain technology and mining could generate enough emissions to raise the global temperature by 2°C as soon as 2033!

The crypto sector is growing day by day. In this sector the use of carbon emissions, especially of blockchain technologies, is increasing steadily. Blockchain technologies meet approximately 87% of the energy they spend to make transactions by using "Non-Renewable Energy Sources". The amount of carbon that these invincible energy sources release into nature is determined to bring the world to the end.

Fossil fuels, which are formed as a result of the dissolution of dying living organisms over millions of years, contain a large proportion of carbon. These fuels, which are used by burning for energy production needs, oil, coal, and natural gas, are classified as non-renewable resources.

While fossil fuels are both trying to exist and using them, they are closely damaging to the world's own order and human health. Air pollution, water pollution, global warming, land degradation are the leading damages caused by these fuels to the world. By reducing the variety or quantity of these fuels, we can manage to reduce the damage they cause to the environment and humanity to a much smaller amount.

As we fight fossil fuels, we rely on renewable energy sources. We advocate for renewables that will help reduce environmental damage when used in place of fossil fuels.

Our support to renewable energy sources plays an important role in preventing fossil fuels. The Evadore foundation is here from today to tomorrow, both to use renewable energies correctly and to show where humanity will start when it wants to help the world.

The problem of climate change on a global scale, which we call global warming, has become the main issue of governments and the whole world. That's where blockchains should focus on zeroing out their carbon emissions. Evadore is a project that emerged with this goal in mind.

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