More than half of humanity lives in cities, and this trend is increasing. Cities are undoubtedly the living spaces of the future. Trees are nature's lungs. While we enjoy their beauty, their shadow, their presence, their fruits, they are quietly trying to clear the air. The natural process by which all plants take in carbon and release oxygen not only provides us with clean air, but also absorbs carbon (which contributes to global warming) from the atmosphere and stores it in itself. Despite this, the air we breathe, which is our most important source of life, is so polluted in many places that breathing it harms our health.

There is a lot of lands suitable for planting trees on our planet that can be used and benefited from. Environmental damage can be prevented by reforestation. Reforestation can be done without any destruction, without disturbing the existing world order, since there are already many areas on our planet where afforestation can be done.

Evadore Forest is a forest project established in the Evadore ecosystem to support carbon emission reduction, with trees with the highest oxygen emissions in order to offset the carbon emissions emitted to the world. Main goal of the Evadore Foundation is to make our world greener.

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