Carbon Offset Method

Today, many enterprises and public institutions have adopted the understanding of being carbon neutral, which is known as an application that will reset the emissions arising from their own activities, that is, their negative externalities, for the purpose of social responsibility. The most important tool developed for this purpose is the carbon offsetting method.

Carbon Offset Method is the neutralization of the greenhouse gas released in one place by preventing the greenhouse gas released from another place or by ingesting / trapping the same amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. In other words, it can also be defined as providing financial support to projects that save the same amount of carbon in another place in return for the carbon emissions generated by an institution, or the purchase of carbon certificates that are documented to have occurred in those projects.

Carbon offsetting is a system in which there is no intervention of states and where a voluntary basis is applied. The point to be considered here is that carbon reduction measures to be carried out within the body of institutions and organizations are a priority. Evadore, on the other hand, will apply the carbon offsetting method with its own work and contribute to carbon balancing by leading this process and gathering institutions and organizations in the Evadore Ecosystem.

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