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We are here to end the climate crisis with the support of the cryptocurrency industry!
We are here to end the climate crisis with the support of the cryptocurrency industry. At the very beginning of our aim to establish EvaStore, we aimed to help all users who want to reduce carbon emissions in our world, with just a few steps. Thanks to EvaStore, purchased carbon loans will be directly transferred to projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions. In this way, the impact of the benefits of carbon credit buyers can be monitored transparently. Carbon loans sold at EvaStore will provide financial support to projects aimed at directly reducing carbon emissions. These projects will play an important role in the fight against the climate crisis by increasing the use of renewable energy sources and reducing carbon emissions. As a result, EvaStore, which aims to end the climate crisis with the aid it will collect from around the world using blockchain technology, is an important option for people who want to contribute to the fight against the climate crisis. By participating in this project, people will not only reduce their carbon footprint, but also support the fight against the climate crisis.
While establishing EvaStore, we primarily aimed to help all users who want to reduce carbon emissions in our world, with just a few steps. By purchasing carbon credits from our store with various payment methods, users will be able to support projects that reduce carbon emissions around the world. In addition, by purchasing Carbon credits through EvaChain with their $EVAs, they will help us realize our “strategies” and complete carbon emission reduction projects carried out around the world. We will use all aid funds collected through EvaLabs to complete projects to reduce carbon emissions and end the climate crisis published on EvaStore.

What is Carbon Credit?

Carbon credits are emission reduction units used to communicate each tonne of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas reduction made by an activity that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. These credits are called Verified Emission Reduction (VER). The definition of greenhouse gas emission reduction represented by these credits, also known as carbon offset certificates, is made with reference to an activity with an equivalent capacity of greenhouse gas emissions.
Carbon credits (certificates) are earned by projects that reduce different types of greenhouse gases (such as CO2, CH4, N2O) in the following categories. We can give examples such as agriculture, chemical process/industrial production, forestry and land use, transportation, renewable energy, energy efficiency/fuel replacement, waste disposal.
The creation of carbon credits can be explained with a simple example. For example, let's say that a wind power plant project produces electricity with a capacity of 90 MW. If the electricity production of the same capacity (90 MW) had been realized with a fossil fuel power plant project, there would have been 190 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions from this generation activity in a certain time period. The amount of emission that the Wind Power Plant Project does not produce in the determined relevant time period is expressed as the negative emission amount of this project and the certification process is made per each negative ton of emission. In this case, the Wind Power Plant Project can win 190 thousand VER certificates. The Evadore Foundation will continue to regularly reduce its carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits.
The first step to helping prevent the climate crisis starts with knowing your impact on the climate crisis. Then it is about making an effort to reduce this effect as much as possible. Finally, you can take action by supporting the Evadore Ecosystem, which is fighting the climate crisis.
Understand how your travel, energy use, diet, and other lifestyle choices affect climate.


EvaStore will be with you soon with projects all over the world!