Evadore's Key Achievements so far include

We designed EvaChain to process many transactions quickly. This high performance attracts many developers, users and businesses to the Evadore ecosystem and this continues to increase.

Strong Security Measures

Evadore has implemented strong security measures to protect users' funds and data from malicious attacks. This combined with its decentralized nature has made it a secure and reliable platform for businesses and organizations.

Growing Community

We have a growing community of users who contribute to the growth and development of the platform. This community helps Evadore adopt, popularize and become one of the leading blockchain platforms in the industry. Continuing to grow on a global scale, Evadore will not stop until the whole world has green thinking!

Adoption by Businesses and Organizations

We embarked on this journey by establishing a long roadmap, strong agreements and strategic partnerships to be increasingly adopted by businesses and organizations. All thanks to secure and reliable blockchain solutions and our strong community. Thanks to "EvaPay", which we continue to work on and will offer to users in the future, we will be more easily adopted by businesses and organizations and more people will think green.

Strategic Partnerships

Evadore has and continues to forge strategic partnerships with blockchain experts, with many leading companies and organizations in the blockchain industry. It brings together environmentalists all over the world, leads them and invites the whole world to a carbon-free future. It aims for leadership with many more strategic partnerships in the future.

In the CarbonEva application we have developed for our users, we have designed an application where individuals can calculate their carbon emissions as a result of their daily activities and receive suggestions on how they can reduce the amount of carbon they emit as a result of their daily activities. We aimed for a platform where users will learn how to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions individually by raising their awareness with CarbonEva.

Trees provide many benefits for the continuation of life and ecosystem. We established EvaForest in order to make the world greener, to support the reduction of carbon emissions, and to balance the carbon emissions spread to the world. We will consistently continue to reduce our world's carbon emissions by supporting the reforestation of cities around the world.

It is very important to find a wallet that you can use to store your cryptocurrencies. GreenWalletis a leading multi-currency crypto wallet; This means that GreenWalletusers do not need to download additional wallets when they want to hold and use other cryptocurrencies. All digital currencies can be securely stored and managed with GreenWallet. GreenWalletsecurely stores cryptocurrencies on all networks owned by our users. Individual users can securely transfer their cryptocurrencies to Eva Wallet from all networks, securely store their tokens and coins, and access many other features through GreenWallet.

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