Evadore Technical Information

  1. 1.
    RPC Server Group : https://rpc.evadore.io
  2. 2.
    API Server Group : https://api.evadore.io
  3. 3.
    RPC API Server Group : https://rpc.evadore.io
  4. 4.
    EvaChain ID : 32611
  5. 5.
    Api Docs : https://explorer.evadore.io/api-docs
  6. 6.
    Graphiql : https://explorer.evadore.io/graphiql
  7. 7.
    ETH Api Docs : https://explorer.evadore.io/eth-rpc-api-docs

API Server Group

It is the 1st level api server address for Blockchain and RPC clients for Evadore network. The API documentation is available at http://explorer.evadore.io/api-docs.

Graphiql Server Group

Evadore is another API operator for Blockchain. You can click http://explorer.evadore.io/graphiql to reach the usage screen.

RPC API Server Group

It is the API operator prepared for the nodes. You can click http://explorer.evadore.io/eth-rpc-api-docs for usage information.