Global Warming

Various gases in the atmosphere that surrounds the earth create a greenhouse effect and ensure that the current temperature degrees of the earth remain as they should be. The increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causes global warming and poses a threat to all living things. Global warming causes the glaciers that have accumulated in the poles and high mountains to gradually melt, which will be the trigger for many natural disasters as sea levels will rise as a result of the melting of the glaciers.

We can say that human norms such as rapid population growth, rising living standards of humanity, and excessive use of fossil fuels are actually factors that increase the effects of global warming. In fact, if global warming is not prevented in some way, it is inevitable that it will complicate the living conditions of plants and animals along with human life.

Since the understanding that global warming occurs as a result of the existence of humanity, many individual or institutional studies have been carried out to prevent it. Evadore will take every step that can prevent the global warming caused by humanity by guiding individuals and working hand in hand with institutions.

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