The Future of Evadore; Updates and Roadmap

EvaChain is a growing, eco-friendly, green-thinking, high-performance blockchain that can enable decentralized applications and systems to scale with high security.

Eco-Friendly for the world, fast for everyone!

The problem of climate change, which we call global warming, has become the main issue of governments and the whole world. Evadore emerged for this purpose. Our vision is to create a carbon-free world in the changing new world order.

EvaChain is much more than a blockchain. The Evadore ecosystem was not designed by any person or organization. It is a structure that nurtures the ecosystem to make it more vibrant and diverse, thinks through ideas to make the world more carbon-free, strives to make our planet more livable, and develops organically with the support of green-minded people.

Think Green!

The basis of our vision is to use renewable energy sources, so we look green to the future. Since our establishment, we invite the whole world to a "green future" and a "new world", support all steps to be taken on this path and continue to grow our ecosystem without slowing down. We attach importance to the greenness of every step we take for the future of the world and nature. With the steps taken for recycling, we protect and develop the future according to the functioning of nature!

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