Wind Energy

Given the depleting resources and increasing demand for energy, renewable energy stands out as a sustainable alternative. Wind energy is an energy source that continues to be valid all over the world. Wind energy, which is one of the renewable energy sources and can produce effective solutions in environmental health in this respect; It can be defined as the conversion of the kinetic energy of the wind, which is formed as a result of the displacement of hot and cold air in the atmosphere, into mechanical and then electrical energy. Wind turbines are systems that convert the kinetic energy in the wind first into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy. The kinetic energy of the wind is converted into mechanical energy in the rotor. The speed movement of the impeller shaft is accelerated and transferred to the generator in the body. The electrical energy obtained from the generator is stored by means of batteries or delivered directly to the receivers.

Total wind energy advancing to an imaginary A area at time t is calculated with:

E = A . v . t . ρ . ½ v2,

(E = Energy, A = ρ = Density of air, A.v.t = The volume of air passing through A (which is considered perpendicular to the direction of the wind), 1⁄2 ρv2 = the kinetic energy of the moving air per unit volume.)

Dependence on fossil fuels persists today and is known for their damage to nature. The most important reason why wind energy will be used in the Evadore Ecosystem is that this resource is an environmentally friendly clean energy type!

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