What is Wallet?

The blockchain network consists of accounts that interact with each other through a message passing framework. Each account is created from the account's public key and is called an address.

It is identified by a 20-byte hexadecimal identifier. As Evadore, we support and develop the GreenWallet application.

There are two types of accounts: Externally-owned Accounts and Contract-owned Accounts

Externally-owned Accounts

Accounts controlled by a private key capable of sending assets and messages.

  1. They can send a transaction (ether transfer or trigger contract code),

  2. It is controlled by private keys,

  3. It has no associated code.

Contract-owned Accounts

Contract-owned Accounts are accounts that have a smart contract code associated with them and whose private key does not belong to anyone.

  1. It has associated codes,

  2. Code executions are triggered by transactions or messages (calls) received from other contracts,

  3. When this code is executed - it performs operations of arbitrary complexity (Turing completeness) - it manages its own persistent storage and can call other contracts.

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