EvaPay is a worldwide cryptocurrency payment technology where you can get payments from all your friends, family, or customers! EvaPay is an eco-friendly, carbon-free Evadore product that provides businesses with a dynamic set of integrated payment solutions and financial services to accompany the world's transition to a cashless society and positively improve people's lives and the growth of businesses. With EvaPay, you can make completely contactless, fast, secure, and uninterrupted transactions.

What is EvaBack?

EvaBack will allow you to earn $EVA proportional to your transfer amounts with the EvaBack system integrated into EvaPay and help you to make the world more carbonless by using Eva Chain, which is a carbonless blockchain, in your purchases and transfers through EvaPay contracted business partners!

Why EvaPay?

Cryptocurrencies are accepted by less than 0.001% of the world's companies, and as such, millions of people are unable to pay instantly with the cryptocurrencies they own because businesses are skeptical of accepting cryptocurrency payments due to their potential volatility. EvaPay will solve the spending demands of crypto owners by addressing the concerns of global businesses, allowing payments to be made to retailers with crypto within seconds with the card and mobile application. When the consumer pays with cryptocurrency, this concern of all businesses will disappear as every business will receive the payment in standard currency. All consumers and businesses using EvaPay will continue to earn with every transfer with the EvaBack system and contribute to the carbon-free world thanks to EvaChain.

With EvaPay, we will enable beneficiaries of online marketplaces and other service providers to send money securely and on the spot to their bank accounts. To provide faster payments with EvaPay; it can help you earn the trust of more vendors, customers, and partners. While doing all this, please remember that we will be environmentally friendly and use carbon-free Eva Chain infrastructure!

Join the Evadore ecosystem and meet financial freedom.

Many more innovations and updates will be with you soon!

The EvaPay payment system will only be used in countries where the kirpto payment system is legal.

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